Reasons You Need A Good Lawyer If You Are Charged for Impaired Driving

November 14, 2020   |   Manbir Sodhi   |  
Impaired Driving Lawyer
Impaired Driving Lawyer

Reasons You Need A Good Lawyer If You Are Charged for Impaired Driving

Impaired offences are considered criminal offences, not traffic offences in Canada. Being convicted and found guilty of impaired driving can have devastating and life-changing consequences, including but not limited to having a permanent criminal record, costly fines, difficulty with employment, difficulty finding housing, and jail time.

Fortunately, while impaired driving charges should be considered serious, there is hope when you hire a knowledgeable and experienced Brampton criminal defence lawyer.

Why should you hire a lawyer?

Here are a few great reasons to hire a good criminal defence lawyer:

1. A impaired driving conviction will remain on your criminal record.

2. Depending on whether this is your first impaired driving charge or a repeat offence, you could be looking at imprisonment, minimum fines that start at $1,000, excessive car insurance premiums, and losing your driving privileges indefinitely.

3. You need help preparing to fight the charges now. There are specific things you need to do as soon as possible. Your criminal defence lawyer knows what these are and how to best help you prepare a strategic defence for the best outcome possible.

An impaired driving charge puts your future at risk.

One of the scariest parts of being convicted and found guilty of impaired driving is the long-term impacts it can have on your future. Once a conviction for impaired driving is recorded on your criminal record in Canada, it usually remains there for the rest of your life.

As such, the conviction for impaired driving can cause the following impacts:

  • Problems finding housing and employment. All job applications and most housing applications require you to report if you have any previous criminal convictions. You must report the conviction for impaired driving on the application, and it could make it harder to find a job or a home.
  • Inability to afford car insurance. Car insurance rates will be excessive after a impaired driving conviction. In some cases, you may not afford it. Without car insurance, you cannot drive.
  • Costly fees and fines. There are different fees and fines that must be paid for a impaired driving conviction. These are non-negotiable and could easily cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Driver license suspensions and revocation. Your driver’s license will be suspended with a impaired driving conviction. For repeat offenders, your driver’s license could be revoked.
  • Inability to travel to the United States and abroad. Many countries will not let you enter with a criminal record, including an impaired driving conviction.

You are unfamiliar with impaired driving laws and the legal system.

One of the top reasons to hire a criminal defence lawyer is impaired driving laws are constantly changing and evolving. Your lawyer has expertise and knowledge of the current laws and the most effective ways to navigate the legal system to help fight your charges.

Keep in mind, without a criminal defence lawyer, you are putting your future at risk. If you have been charged with impaired driving, contact Brampton criminal defence lawyer Manbir Singh Sodhi at (905) 457-2546 immediately.

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