How Does the Bail System Work in Ontario?

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Bail System Work in Ontario
Bail System Work in Ontario

How Does the Bail System Work in Ontario?

The word “bail” often appears on television dramas, but what does it mean? 

If your friend or family member is in jail, you probably wonder, “How does the bail system work in Ontario?” as you wait for their release. This post will give you an overview of the bail system and help you know what to do when you get a call that your loved one was released on bail.

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The Bail System in Canada

The bail system allows an accused party to wait for their trial date at home instead of waiting in jail. 

When an accused party gets arrested, they must have a bail hearing within 24 hours or as soon as a judge is available. During the hearing, they must convince the court that they are not a flight risk if released on bail and are responsible enough to return for their court date. 

When you ask, “How does the bail system work in Ontario?” you must know about bail conditions. If a person gets released after their hearing, they must abide by bail conditions determined by the court. The parameters of the conditions depend on the individual and the circumstances surrounding their case.

The most well-known bail condition is house arrest, where the accused must wear an ankle monitor at all times and stay within a certain radius of their home until their court date. Another condition could require the accused to have a surety who acts as their chaperone while they await trial. They may also have to surrender their passport and be forbidden internet access. 

Consequences of Failing to Follow Bail Conditions

If the accused breaches their bail conditions by leaving the country, contacting their victim, or any other restrictions named in their hearing, they could face jail time. A bail breach adds a new charge to their original one, complicating their case. 

In addition to jail time, breaching bail conditions has financial consequences. The accused or the surety will have to pay a cash deposit to the court. The amount owed varies and is agreed upon at the bail hearing. 

The best thing to do is avoid breaching conditions and honour the privilege of being granted bail.

Legal Counsel in Brampton

The legal process is overwhelming. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer before a bail hearing will help relieve some of the stress of a court appearance. A bail hearing is a formal meeting, and legal counsel can help you make the best impression possible. 

How does the bail system work in Ontario? It’s a common question in our field, and Manbir Sodhi Law is here to help walk you through it every step of the way. Call our team at 905-457-2546 to hire counsel.

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