Do I Have to Believe as a Criminal Lawyer That You Are Innocent

May 18, 2024   |   Manbir Sodhi   |  
Criminal Lawyer Brampton
Criminal Lawyer Brampton

Do I Have to Believe as a Criminal Lawyer That You Are Innocent

Anyone facing criminal charges has a right to a lawyer who can represent them in court and provide an argument that persuades a jury to find them innocent. A question that people often ask criminal lawyers is, “Do you have to believe your clients are innocent of a crime?” Keep reading for an answer to this complex question, brought to you by the legal team at Manbir Sodhi Criminal Defence Law.

Prosecution Must Prove Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Before private lawyers can represent someone in court, they have to graduate from law school and earn their license by passing the bar exam. The presumption that defendants are innocent until proven guilty remains the cornerstone of their judicial education. Criminal defence lawyers apply this belief in all of their cases in order to build a robust case for their clients.

Only when the prosecution and jury find a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt can a criminal lawyer change their opinion on their client’s innocence. Overall, the jury has the final say. All that a criminal lawyer can do until they reach a verdict is create a compelling argument in their client’s favor.

Reasonable Criminal Charges Don’t Always Equal Guilt

Just because police charge you with a crime, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to face penalties. Many high-profile criminal trials end in acquittals depending on the nature of the defendant’s knowledge and intent of the crime. Common strategies criminal lawyers use to prove innocence include:

  • Acting in self-defence
  • Police identification issues
  • Accidental circumstances

A defence lawyer will also evaluate the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument and use that to enhance your case.

Legal Guilt vs. Factual Guilt

Only a defendant truly knows if they’re responsible for a crime. If someone admits to assault, theft, or another crime, this is known as factual guilt. Lawyers won’t ask their clients about this since it doesn’t actually pertain to the trial.

Court proceedings and criminal trials focus instead on legal guilt and whether the prosecution can prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal defence lawyers try not to entertain the idea of factual guilt since their clients could be lying for their own agenda. Focusing solely on legal guilt helps lawyers maintain their integrity and focus on building a strong case for their clients.

Lawyers Must Appropriately Defend Their Clients

If a lawyer forms an opinion that their client is guilty before a jury decides a verdict, it impacts their argument and approach to the trial. Defendants have a right to fair legal representation in a trial, and any lawyer who fails to vigorously defend their client is not upholding their responsibility.

Fight Criminal Charges With a Seasoned Lawyer on Your Side

The criminal lawyer in Brampton you hire should always follow the belief that you’re innocent until proven guilty and build a case that helps evade legal guilt. If you need a lawyer who will advocate for you, contact Manbir Sodhi Criminal Defence Law at (905) 457-2546 to request your consultation.

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