Dealing With Criminal Charges in Toronto Without Going to Jail

November 12, 2023   |   Manbir Sodhi   |  
Criminal Lawyer in Brampton
Criminal Lawyer in Brampton

Dealing With Criminal Charges in Toronto Without Going to Jail

Facing criminal charges and going to jail are among the most stressful things a person can experience. Even if you know you broke the law, the prospect of even a short jail sentence is a terrifying one. The effects of a criminal conviction ripple throughout your life, so you must do everything you can to stay out of jail. 

What Happens When You Get Arrested?

Sometimes, police officers choose not to file charges, even after arresting someone, and let them go with a warning. In the case of more serious offences that could result in indictable charges, the decision about the next steps rests with a judge, who can set bail or decide to keep the accused in jail.

If law enforcement opts to file charges against you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you immediately have to go to jail. Depending on the charges, you can avoid incarceration with the help of a good criminal defence lawyer.

What You Can Do to Avoid Jail Time for Criminal Charges

The following tips can help you avoid incarceration and reduce the effects of criminal charges. 

Call a Lawyer

The faster a lawyer is on your side, the sooner they can begin mounting a defence strategy.  In the meantime, don’t answer any questions or offer unsolicited information to law enforcement until a lawyer is present, even if you want to set the record straight.

Respect Law Enforcement

Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, don’t resist arrest or argue with the officers. This can result in more serious charges and additional jail time. Be cooperative in every interaction with the police, courts, and others to give others a positive view of you.

Be Honest 

Don’t withhold information from your lawyer, even if it makes you look bad or confirms your guilt. Hiding information or lying makes it harder for us to get you out of a jail cell.

Understand the Charges 

Review the details of the case against you to understand the accusations. This helps you and your attorney formulate a defence strategy and collect evidence to challenge the prosecution’s case against you.

Stay Out of Trouble

When you get out on bail, review the conditions of your release and adhere to them. Avoid doing anything that could change the court’s perception of you, including posting on social media. If necessary, take proactive steps toward rehabilitation, like substance abuse counselling in response to drug crimes, to show you’re taking steps to address the issues that led to your arrest. 

Comply with Instructions 

Ignoring court orders, skipping hearings, and otherwise failing to follow instructions can land you in jail. Ask your lawyer for help if anything is unclear so you don’t inadvertently make a costly mistake.

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