Information Regarding the Criminal Trial Process in Ontario

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Trial Process in Ontario
Trial Process in Ontario

Information Regarding the Criminal Trial Process in Ontario

Going through the criminal trial process in Ontario can be a traumatic experience for you and your loved ones.

Though enlisting the services of a defence lawyer is vital, knowing what to expect beforehand will help you prepare better.

Read on to learn the step-by-step process you will likely go through during your criminal trial.

Criminal Case Proceedings

The precise steps your trial entails will depend on the nature of your criminal offence and the severity of the charge.

For instance, a first-degree murder case often involves a preliminary hearing to ensure there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial. Here are the steps involved in a criminal trial process in Ontario.


Your criminal trial begins with the police arresting you and laying out the charges against you. After your arrest, the police could either hold you in custody until you see a judge or release you with an appearance notice.

The notice will include your alleged criminal offence, its nature and severity, and the date, place, and time of your court appearance.


Ontario  Crown Attorney’s Office must provide a copy of the evidence against you, including copies of police reports, your criminal record, your statements, and witness statements.

First Appearance

The next step in a criminal trial process in Ontario is your first appearance in court. During your first appearance, you won’t need to prove your innocence.

This appearance allows you to tell the court how you wish to proceed. You can state whether you need more time to speak to your defence counsel or review the evidence.

If you plead ‘guilty,’ the court will allow you to make proper sentencing submissions. Here, you will provide the court with details about the circumstances that led you to commit the crime.

The Trial

Once you complete all the pre-trial formalities, your trial will proceed, and how long it lasts will depend on your case’s complexity, the number of witnesses, and if the case will be tried before a judge or jury.

During the trial, the Crown will present its case first and must prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you are guilty. Once the Crown is finished, you will have a chance to offer your defence.

The Verdict

After hearing both sides and weighing the evidence, the court will deliver its verdict, deeming you either guilty or not guilty. If the court finds you guilty, you may be held in custody until the judge decides the terms of your sentencing.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

The criminal trial process in Ontario might seem straightforward, but navigating it without the assistance of a Defence Counsel can be detrimental to the outcome.

Fortunately, you can turn to Manbir Singh Sodhi, a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Brampton, for the sound legal advice you need. Contact us at (905) 457-2546 to schedule your consultation and learn how our Brampton Defence Counsel can help guide you through Ontario’s criminal justice system.

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