Criminal Mischief Laws in Ontario

July 1, 2021   |   Manbir Sodhi   |  
Criminal Law Firm Brampton
Criminal Law Firm Brampton

Criminal Mischief Laws in Ontario

When parents hear their child has been accused of criminal mischief, they may face embarrassment, fear, and anger. They may also worry about the meaning of the allegation and its impact. This can be very difficult when being charged in something with which you are not familiar.

What Is Criminal Mischief?

Among a younger generation, mischief is a more common crime. Usually, mischief includes intentional damage to another person’s property without stealing it and often results in dangerous or ineffective items or property such as broken windows and doors that don’t close properly anymore because of damage done during the act.

Minor infractions can quickly become serious offences where fines may arise over things as insignificant as graffiti or vandalism with only minimal damages done. Minor violations such as trespassing on private properties without permission could lead to hefty fines too.

If you or your children receive mischief charges, then the chances are high that they will get a criminal record and may even be required serving prison time because of how much damage was caused.

Some examples are considered mischief, such as:

  • Vandalism or destruction of property
  • Computer data intrusion, tampering and denying others’ access
  • Behaviour such deflating car tires or rendering property useless
  • Interfering with an investigation like giving false information

What Does the Charge of Criminal Mischief Mean in Ontario?

Before you continue reading, please understand that this is not legal advice and is a basic summary of when our actions become contemptuous behaviour. For accurate information, parents need to consult a criminal lawyer in Brampton for up-to-date laws before deciding about their child’s punishment.

Criminal mischief is a crime that can have profound future implications. Understanding the consequences of this act will keep parents aware and prepared to help their children avoid making mistakes with such an impact on their lives.

Take the Charges Seriously

Mischief is a crime that authorities take seriously. Penalties for mischief can involve years in prison and thousands of dollars worth of fines. The penalties also depend on age – if you’re young, there’s more chance of probation before other punishment. Misbehaviour could lead to severe consequences like being banned from specific places or areas.

The crime of mischief can cause significant damage to personal relationships and result in an arrest record. Criminal mischief at a young age may bring about additional penalties in the future that could affect life tremendously. There are things available that might minimize any potential harm done by these offences later down the road, all while trying not to break too many bonds already established within family ties.

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