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Criminal driving offences are typically defined in the Criminal Code of Canada and can include hit and run, fleeing from the police in a vehicle, operating a motor vehicle while disqualified, stunt driving, dangerous driving and impaired driving.

Being charged with any of these offences should be taken seriously as it could have long-term impacts on your driving privileges. In addition to your legal problems, being convicted and found guilty of a criminal driving offence could increase your insurance rates. Furthermore, with some offences, you could be looking at mandatory jail time as part of your sentence.

If you have been charged with a criminal driving offence, it does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty. There are several viable defences which may apply, depending upon your circumstances. Finding out what defences are available and increasing the likelihood of not being found guilty requires talking to our Brampton criminal driving laywer at Manbir Sodhi Law.

How Are Criminal Driving Offences Investigated?

In most cases, the investigation began when the police first stopped you or arrived on the scene of an accident. The police may have questioned you, as well as the other driver, any passengers and other witnesses that were present.

Most of the time, the evidence police gather for criminal driving offences comes from the statements made by the people involved. As such, it is a good idea to write down your account of the incident as soon as possible. Doing so, helps you recall events and avoid forgetting about things later. The police will have taken sworn statements from others. You will want to be just as prepared with your own written account of the incident.

After questioning, or if the police suspect you were impaired, they may arrest you at the scene or at the hospital after seeking medical treatment. Once arrested, the police can offer a conditional release in most cases. Although, they may detain you pending an actual bail hearing.

Upon arrest, it is highly recommended you speak to a Brampton criminal driving lawyer prior to any further police questioning, providing a formal statement or appearing at your bail hearing.

How Serious Are Criminal Driving Offences?

There are minimum and maximum punishments if you are convicted and found guilty of the offense. These can range from maximum imprisonment periods from five year to fourteen years in jail. For example, if you are convicted and found guilty of dangerous driving, you could be facing up to five years in jail, unless you injured someone. Then you could be looking at up to ten years in jail.

The thing to keep in mind is the severity of punishments will depend upon the offence and whether someone was injured or killed.

If you have not already spoken to our criminal driving lawyer in Brampton if you were arrested, you will want to contact Manbir Sodhi Law now for a FREE case evaluation and consultation appointment to find out what defences could be used.

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