Called for an Interview? Consult with a Criminal Defence Lawyer

June 3, 2021   |   Manbir Sodhi   |  
Criminal Defence Lawyer Brampton
Criminal Defence Lawyer Brampton

Called for an Interview? Consult with a Criminal Defence Lawyer

When the police are investigating a criminal matter, they may contact you for an interview. The moment you have been notified the police want to speak with you, it is highly recommended to consult with a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton immediately.

Scenario #1: You Are a Potential Witness

The police may tell you they want to interview you because you are a potential witness to a crime. You might think this is not a big deal. and you could meet with them at the police station or invite them into your home to conduct the interview.

However, many people are misled when the police tell them they are a potential witness. Even when you believe you have done nothing wrong, you could accidentally provide information to the police that causes them to shift the focus of their investigation on you. Therefore, making you a suspect.

By consulting with a criminal defence lawyer, your lawyer can serve as a buffer between you and the police. During the interview, they will be present and advise on whether to remain silent or to answer specific questions.

They can also answer questions on your behalf to avoid self-incrimination. Furthermore, your lawyer can inquire about the evidence the police have gathered to determine what, if any, risks it could pose.

Scenario #2: You Are a Potential Suspect

Once you become the target of an investigation, the police believe you committed a crime. While they might still be gathering evidence to support their case, they may contact you and ask you to come in for an interview.

They might try to say you are a potential witness to get you to agree to the interview. Alternatively, they could say they just want to ask you some questions about what occurred to “hear your side of the story.” The police investigators may seem friendly and like they are trying to help you.

However, when the police contact you, their goal, when they do not have strong evidence to make an arrest and charge you with a crime, is to use your answers during the interview against you as evidence.

In this situation, you never want to agree to an interview without consulting with a criminal defence lawyer and having them present during the interview.

When answering questions, your lawyer can speak on your behalf, advise you when to remain silent, and find out what evidence the police have against you. They can also assess the risks and likelihood of you being formally charged for the crime.

Additionally, your lawyer ensures that whatever questions or information you provide the police cannot be used against you later.

When the police contact you either as a potential witness or as a potential suspect, it is never in your best interests to agree to an interview without first consulting with a criminal defence lawyer.

If the police have requested an interview with you regarding a criminal matter, contact Brampton criminal defence lawyer Manbir Singh Sodhi at (905) 457-2546 immediately for legal advice and representation during the interview.

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