Basic Elements of Criminal Law in Canada

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Criminal Law in Canada
Criminal Law in Canada

Basic Elements of Criminal Law in Canada

Criminal law in Canada is complex and often confusing to comprehend without professional training. However, understanding Canadian criminal law is crucial to avoid legal consequences. Fortunately, Manbir Sodhi Criminal Defence Law is here to teach you about federal law to help you stay within legal boundaries.

Manbir Sodhi Criminal Defense Law is one of Brampton’s, Ontario’s leading criminal defence law firms. We offer high-quality legal services to Brampton residents needing professional advice and representation in the court of law. We will help you understand the legal process and fight for a favourable outcome.

What Is Criminal Law in Canada?

Criminal law consists of penal institutions, police investigations, evidence, and procedures that protect Canadian citizens’ rights while ensuring public safety. The Criminal Code defines the laws and outlines what is and is not legal in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada can amend these laws and ensure offenders receive fair criminal prosecutions. It’s important to note that the Criminal Code isn’t the only legislation that outlines federal law. Legislation like the Drugs and Substances Act can also codify criminal laws in Canada. Other Canadian criminal law legislation includes:

  • Canada Evidence Act
  • Contraventions Act
  • Firearms Act
  • Food and Drugs Act

If someone commits a crime in Canada, they receive a court date where they can defend themselves and prove their innocence. The evidence is evaluated, and punishment for the criminal offence is determined. Serious crimes like theft and fraud often receive more severe sentences than minor offences.

What Is The Purpose of Criminal Law in Canada

Criminal laws help Canadians maintain a fair, safe, and peaceful society while protecting citizens’ well-being. It deters unacceptable and delinquent behaviour, making people think twice before committing crimes.

Canada’s legal system upholds criminal law and protects our society’s integrity by punishing criminals that threaten the community. 

However, the Crown Attorney must prove someone committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt before the accused is sentenced. If the Crown Attorney doesn’t provide enough evidence to convict the accused, they would be found innocent and released without penalty.

Every Canadian citizen receives a fair and unbiased trial before receiving punishment. Legal punishments in Canada range from a small fine to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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