Brampton Bail Hearings

If you are reading about bail hearings, chances are your loved one has been arrested and charged with a criminal offence or you have been notified by the police that they want you to appear voluntarily and want to know what you should expect.

Bail hearings are a fundamental and legally protected process detailed in our Charter Rights. Everyone is entitled to a bail hearing no matter the type of crime they committed. However, it does not necessarily mean everyone will be granted bail and released pending the outcome of their criminal proceedings.

The most successful bail hearings are those where the accused can be released quickly with assistance from our Brampton bail hearings lawyer at Manbir Sodhi Law. Many types of criminal offences empower the police to release the accused without having to go through a formal bail hearing process. If you have been charged with one of these offences, having your lawyer present during questioning, can help expedite your release by the police.

Other types of criminal offences will require you to remain in custody until you can appear in court in front of a judge. Even for these offences, the ones that have the most successful results are when you have a bail hearing lawyer present and at your side.

How Can I Find Out If My Loved One Was Arrested and Waiting a Bail Hearing?

In Brampton, Toronto and the GTA, the police will not provide you with any details if your loved one is being detained or at what facility. The only person allowed to obtain this information is a bail hearings lawyer. The only exception, where the police will give out information, is when the loved one being held is a minor.

How Can I Ensure a Bail Hearings Lawyer is Present for My Bail Hearing?

Upon arrest, you are entitled to seek legal advice from your own lawyer. Once they arrive at the police station, if a bail hearing will be necessary, they find out the date, time and location of your hearing.

Your lawyer may meet with you ahead of your bail hearing, if possible, to find out if there is anyone that can be present as your surety. A surety is a person who is willing to be responsible for you and report you to the court should you violate any of the terms of your release. They may also be asked to put up a cash surety to guarantee you are present for all court appearances.

At the bail hearing, your lawyer will present to the judge the most relevant information required to get you released. Without a lawyer present, you could end up spending more time in jail awaiting the outcome of your criminal offence, compared to the mandatory jail time associated with certain criminal offences.

This is why it is always in your best interests to have a Brampton bail hearings lawyer from Manbir Sodhi Law present. Contact us now if your loved one has been arrested to get them the help they need to be released.

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