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There were over 62,000 reported cases of assault and almost 15,000 reported cases of uttering threats in Ontario in 2016. However, out of these cases, only a fraction of them actually resulted in the suspect being found guilty. In fact, there was only about 9,800 guilty findings of guilty and only around 2,600 findings of guilty for uttering threats in 2015.

It is easy to compare these figures and see that even if you have been arrested and charged, does not imply you will automatically be found guilty. With the vast majority of the offences that people were found not guilty or had other positive outcomes, they sought legal help, like from our Brampton assault defence lawyer at ManbirSodhi Law.

Types of Assault Offences

The most basic form of assault one can be charged with is when they knowingly and purposely apply force to another person without their consent. Aside from this basic form of assault there are several different other types of assault offences including:

  • Aggravated Assault: This is where the person assaulted is disfigured, maimed or wounded or their life is endangered.
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm: This is where bodily harm is caused to the victim.
  • Assault with a Weapon: This is where a weapon is used or threatened to be used to commit the assault.
  • Domestic Assault: This is a special type of assault which involves people with a pre-existing relationship.
  • Domestic Assault: This is a special type of assault which involves people with a pre-existing relationship.

The key thing present in all types of assaults is where the alleged suspect applies force to another without their consent.

How Do the Police Investigate Assaults?

An investigation normally begins when someone reports an assault in progress or after the fact, typically by the victim. The police will take statements from the victim and any witnesses that were present at the time of the assault. If they believe there is sufficient evidence to charge you, they will arrest you.

Upon arrest, the police must inform you of your rights, which includes speaking to your own Brampton assault defence lawyer. You do not have to answer questions asked by the police or provide a formal statement until after you have consulted with your lawyer.

Another of your legal rights is the right to bail. The police may release on your own recognizance. If not, then you will have to appear in front of a judge at a bail hearing. You will want your assault defence lawyer present during the bail hearing to ensure you are released and can build a solid strategy to fight your charges.

In Brampton and the GTA, the majority of assault and uttering threat charges can be resolved without having to go trial, like if the Crown offers a Peace Bond. If you did not speak to our Brampton assault defence lawyer after you were arrested, you will want to do so now, by contacting ManbirSodhi Law for a FREE consultation.

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